In making my breeding selections and in my training processes, the foremost quality I seek is for the greatness of character. This includes intelligence, warmth, responsiveness, and an understanding of its role within the family structure. Each dog must be respectful and obedient to each and every family member, period.

Our puppies, from the moment of birth up to at least 2 months of life, remain with the mother.  Nothing can replace what nature provides at this stage of life: the mother feeds them correctly, provides their bodies with key nutrients, teaches them to respect their roles within the litter from the start, and gives the pups the pure pleasure of feeling warmth and security. The mother - and only the mother at this stagehas the ability to nurture the puppies’ self-esteem, which is an extremely necessary and important component, not to be under-estimated.  This aspect of their character will remain "fixed" on them for life. It is the mother who best guides them, with a firm gentility day by day, and naturally weans them away.  This makes the difficult and in some ways traumatic transition from their dog pack to the human pack a much more manageable one.

Although this early development method is one that I strongly observe for training purposes, the Bullmastiff breed is already a special training breed on its own. Over the years, after much observation, trial, and development, I have come to understand the inner mind and soul of the Bullmastiff.  In my opinion, it is essential that a Bullmastiff be raised to be sweet and respectful, strong, courageous, and above all balanced.   I do my best to ensure that the Bullmastiff under my care is trained to think and reason before taking any action.