General apperance 

The Bullmastiff is a powerful structure molossian, harmonious in all its forms, of great strength but without haviness  Greater alertness and reactivity 

A  watchdog, defense dog and pet. 


    Weight and size 

    Males: 25 to 27 inches  tall at the withers and 110 to 150 pounds 

    Females: 25 to 27 inches tall at the withers  and 110 to 150 pounds  


Short coat with undercoat


Brindle  with a seat of fawn or red, fawn, red, with black mask as a most.


Intelligent, calm<, reflective, obedient and discreetRecognizes as a leader of the pack all  members of the family including children.

Excellent pet, guardian, with good dedication to the personal defense.When properly selected, its qualities, in association with great intelligence and reflexivity'enables its used for pet-terapy, besides also among all the molossiansits known for been the mostbalanced, reliable also with children and the elderly, with immeasurable kindness and love for the fairer sex. 

Never litigious towards his fellow,  he'll never challenge for firstbut if while taking a walk  or in the park you meet subjects of doubt  balance that manifest aggression, it's better to change direction, at first our friend can seem to have a peaceful and submissive behavior, but if he understands that there is a danger for himself and for his master, once exceeded the safety limit, which is more or less  three feet of distance, he will be  forced to react and in that case he will  not let anything or anyone to overwhelmed  him.