Our story - By Giampiero Amandoli (breeder)

in 1986, while traveling overseas (N.Y),  I took an early morning walk to explore my surroundings and noticed an elder couple leaving their home with a magnificent creature, a dog that I believed to be a Molossian.  I was instantly taken by the dog’s gleaming fawn coat and rich black mask, and struck by his almost human sensibility as he so knowingly waited for his owners to close their house so the three of them go out for a walk. It was extraordinary to see a dog so grand and imposing be so patient and respectful, even on a leash.

 During the following days, I had the pleasure to meet the couple again and I told them how captivated I was by their dog.  They introduced me to the term Bullmastiff.  As I learned more, I became fascinated by the magnetism and intelligence of this dog, as though the breed possessed an actual philosophy of life.  As soon as I arrived back home in Italy, I immediately acquired a female puppy.  Watching her develop, I realized she was spectacular.  I knew that she would become the matriarch of my future litters.  Then, slowly, I began to phase out the raising my other breeds to focus exclusively on the Bullmastiff – and I have never looked back.  From this beginning, we have created many happy families of dogs and have shared them to create many happy families of dog owners. In the 1990's my own family and I decided to begin to enter our dogs in international contests. Since then we have acquired many awards and important titles in national and international dog shows

 The British selection standard was created in England on 1924, the standard is recognized by the FCI (Fèdèration Cynologique Internationale) and valid in all countries. After several years, in 1933 in the United States of America the breed was officially recognized.  In 1992 the American Kennel Club approved its own standard for the Bullmastiff  and today also in Italy has spread around.

After much consideration, and for a number of important reasons, I prefer the English classical selection, as I believe there are not enough genetic reservoirs to be able to achieve the standards of excellence I seek in my breeding and also because often in the exehibitions is considered more the "big dog" and not the "best dog", among other things contrast with the breed standard, which requires males up to 60 kg and females up to 50 kg. 

Giampiero Amandoli


Ps. Recently, exactly on the 07/08/2012 in the expo of Cingoli, I acknowledge with great emotion, that a Bullmastiff of the english selection was with his family sence 14 years and that he was runing for his 15th birthday. They show us with great pleasure  the pictures from their phone of this beautiful dog. In Perugia, where I live, We have giving away one of our dogs "Claus" to another family who has lost their Bullmastiff at the age of 14 years old, which I had the pleasure to, meet